Discover Elusive Interacting Proteins!
MagVigen™ for Co-Immunoprecipitation

  • Smaller beads
  • Low nonspecific binding
  • Higher binding capacity (6x higher)
  • Less steric hindrance and better accessibility to epitopes
  • Optimal surface chemistry
Dynamic interactions between Protein A and Protein B were detected by co-immunoprecipitation using MagVigen™ beads. Such interactions were not seen using competitor's beads.

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MagVigen™-Protein A Kit K21003 $230 See Product Sheet
MagVigen™-Protein G Kit K21004 $240 See Product Sheet
MagVigen-Streptavidin Kit K21005 $240 See Product Sheet
MagVigen-anti-rabbit IgG conjugates K21006 $240 See Product Sheet
MagVigen-anti mouse IgG conjugates K21007 $240 See Product Sheet
MagVigen-anti Flag, mouse kit K51007 $360 See Product Sheet
MagVigen-anti c-Myc, mouse kiT K51008 $360 See Product Sheet

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MagVigen™ Streptavidin Nanoparticles - Product sheet 2

MagVigen™ Streptavidin magnetic nanoparticles can universally bind to any biotinylated biomolecules ...
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MagVigen™ - anti-FLAG Nanoparticles - Product sheet 3

MagVigen™ - anti-FLAG nanoparticles are ideal for the purification of FLAG tagged recombinant proteins ...
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MyQuVigen™ - anti-mouse IgG,
emi 635 nm - Product sheet 4

MyQuVigen™ nanoparticles are unique combination of SPIO and quantum dots ...
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