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With state-of-the-art molecularly engineered nanoparticles and kits, our technology enables high sensitivity, specificity, efficiency and low cost for sequencing, biopsy, genomics, diagnostics, T-cell activation & expansion, and drug delivery …



Comprehensive circulating marker biopsy technology to predict cancer recurrence at the earliest possible time and to guide the most effective personalized therapy.

Cell Therapy

MagVigen-CD3/CD28 antibody conjugates stimulated T cells showed in vitro and in vivo unprecedented improvements and potentials for T cell activation, expansion and therapy.

In vivo testing showed superior targeting capacity and efficacy with tailor-able drug circulation half-life and controllable drug accumulation in tumor.

Innovative Technology

Our innovative multifunctional and biodegradable nanoparticles (nanobeads) are covered by 9 issued patents and 18 patent applications. We are now sharing the versatility of nanoscience and our decades of innovation to develop solutions to empower biomedical community.

MagVigen™ Applications

For over 7 years, our MagVigen™ magnetic nanoparticles (nanobeads) has been used in many applications from NGS (next generation sequencing) and diagnostics sample preparation, DNA/RNA/Protein/Exosome/Cell isolation and purification to workflow automation, standardization and cost reduction.

Precise DNA sizing for library preparation in NGS applications. Ready-to-use buffer conditions. High capture efficiency. Engineerable to capture fragments from 35bp to long bp such as 700bp, 1500bp, 3000bp, and 6000bp.

Capture specific DNA molecules (sequences) directly from sample solutions with high sensitivity and specificity. Compatible with downstream applications of NGS and clinical diagnostics. Smaller beads/the richest chemistry -> higher binding capacity -> less elution volume -> Higher DNA concentration->Higher sensitivity.

High Yield Capture of cfDNA from Plasma or Serum with no need of columns or centrifugation. Simple and efficient DNA extraction ideal for automation.

Smaller sized magnetic nanobeads. Richest chemistry platform. Higher binding capacity. Highly biocompatible surfaces. Better accessibility to epitopes. Less disturbance to native biological systems. Superior for probing DNA/protein interactions.

High yield, High purity, gentle cell separation. High cell viability. Concurrent magnetic separation and fluorescent staining. Easy to use, consistent results.

High sensitivity, specificity, consistency, and multiplexing capacity. Suitable for magnetic automation and high throughput applications.

Benefits from MagVigen™

We truly believe in that the prosperity of an industry only comes from a healthy and collaborative community. This is why we share our technology and are committed to helping our customers succeed in their innovation and application.

Effective Experiments

Magnetic beads based workflow saves time. High yield and high fidelity samples and workflow help you focus on your application and data.

Save Money

Patented and state of the art composition and convenient materials help keep the cost low. We are happy to pass the savings to the community.

Customer Satisfaction

Our foremost goal. We are committed to helping you succeed with our technology and products in your application and innovation.

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