AuVigen Gold Nanoparticles

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AuVigen™ – coated stable surface 31001 10ml $124 PayPal
AuVigen™ – NH2 surface 31002 10ml $124 PayPal
AuVigen™ – SH surface 31003 10ml $124 PayPal
AuVigen™ – streptavidin conjugates 31004 2ml $199 PayPal
AuVigen™ – Protein A conjugates 31005 2ml $174 PayPal
AuVigen™ – Protein G conjugates 31006 2ml $199 PayPal
AuVigen™ – anti-rabbit IgG conjugates 31007 2ml $199 PayPal
AuVigen™ – anti-mouse IgG conjugates 31008 2ml $199 PayPal
AuVigen™ – BSA conjugates 31009 2ml $199 PayPal
AuVigen™ – customize 31010 Contact Us

AuVigen™ – Au gold nanoparticles with excellent Surface Plasmon Resonance features and the most stable and biocompatible surface modification.

AuVigen Gold nanobeads

Gold nanobeads with superior biocompatibility.

Nanoparticle stability evaluated with increased salt concentration. Other commercial Au nanoparticles have much less salt tolerance, indicated by the purple color formed by nanoparticle aggregation.

Advantages of AuVigen™ gold nanobeads:

  • Distinct surface plasmon features
  • Stable and tailorable surfaces
  • Tunable sizes
  • Multiplexing based on SPR property
  • Suitable as injectable reagents for in vivo imaging and therapeutic research

Applications of AuVigen™ gold nanobeads:

  • Immunohistochemical staining and detection
  • Protein crystallography tag
  • SERS substrate
  • Making Bio-conjugates of Au nanobeads with DNA, RNA or proteins
  • In vitro molecular imaging, drug delivery or photo thermal therapy
  • Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy
  • Nano-molecular formation
  • DNA, RNA or protein tagging and detection
  • IVD Assay Development

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