How to Use Magnetic Beads Infographic Guide

How to Use Magnetic Beads Infographic

Follow the guide above to learn more about the steps necessary to use magnetic beads in your research. Here at NVIGEN, we’ve made it easy for you to understand how to use our MagVigen Magnetic Nanoparticles however the steps are applicable for any standard magnetic bead extraction kit. For any inquiries about our magnetic beads, please contact or visit our magnetic nanoparticle product pages for additional information.

The full textual protocol can be seen here at: Tips for Working with Magnetic Beads.

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Tips for Working with Magnetic Beads

Purification is a common procedure in most molecular biology experiments, such as the removal of short primers, unincorporated dNTPs, enzymes, and salts from PCR reactions and other impurities.  There are various types of purification methods, including filtration, centrifugation and separation.  Separation has become a very popular method in life sciences and various types of solid phase support are used.  This includes agarose beads, sepharose beads, silica beads, and magnetic beads.  Separation using magnetic beads is the quickest, cleanest and most efficient technique out of all the bead separation methods.

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