Nano-enabled Drug Targeting & Delivery Technology

NVIGEN nanoparticle drug delivery technology is built upon innovative nanoparticle formulation platform and our expertise in tuning nanoparticle size, shape and surface properties to facilitate specific biomedical applications.

Our nanoparticle drug delivery technology provides nanoparticles with optimal surface chemistry taking into account of the subtle balances of surface charge, hydrophobicity/hydrophilicity, and functional groups. Surface molecules of NVIGEN nanoparticle drug delivery platform are decorated as a brush layer rendering flexibility to functional molecules or ligands on nanoparticle surfaces to better access their targets.

mouse with tumor in observation window MagVigen nanoparticles imaging in blood vessle within tumor

NVIGEN MyQuVigen fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles imaging in neovasculature (blood vessles, in red) within tumor tissue (green). Nanoparticles are well dispersed in the bloodstream and the fluorescent signal smoothly outlines the tortuous tumor neovasculature, including the very thin capillaries that are only a few micrometers in diameter.

With the well-balanced surface brush layer, NVIGEN nanoparticle drug delivery technology allows precise engineering of nanoparticle circulation half-life by simply controlling nanoparticle sizes. This property could be utilized to optimize drug pharmacokinetics. The long circulating nanoparticles prepared using NVIGEN nanoparticle drug delivery technology demonstrated extremely strong EPR (enhanced permeability and retention) effect, with over 30 days tumor region retention following single dose intravenous injection in mouse xenograft models, a duration much longer than the retention time of 3 to 5 days for most other nanoparticle drugs.

The long blood circulating nanoparticles from NVIGEN nanoparticle drug delivery platform was applied to deliver peptide drugs. Enhanced cancer targeting and expedited therapeutic effect were demonstrated using mouse xenograft models.

MagVigen nanobeads tailor nanoparticle circulation half life

NVIGEN nanoparticle drug delivery platform is based on all clinically validated component materials. Nanoparticle size, shape, surface, and drug loading could all be tuned to achieve optimal drug pharmacokinetics, biodistribution, and cancer targeting and treatment efficacy. In addition, the intrinsic signal generating property of the component material, for example, the superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticle component suitable for magnetic resonance imaging, enables simultaneous diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up evaluation from the same nanoparticle. NVIGEN nanoparticle drug delivery technology represents an ideal engineering platform to prepare the most effective anti-cancer drugs.

MagVigen nanobeads control local drug ccumulation

Mag-Magnetic, FMN-Fluorescent Magnetic Nanoparticles, RAD-Reference with drug, RGD-targeted drug. Targeted drug bound with MagVigen nanobead causes tumor to shrink and disappear at 15 days (blue). Tumor in reference without drug continue to grow and break the observation window (brown). Targeted drug with outside magnetic force accumlates more and faster that tumor disappear at five days (green).


  • Optimize drug pharmacokinetics
  • Enhance cancer drug targeting, efficacy and reduce side effects
  • Overcome drug number limitation of antibody drug conjugates