K61001 FAQ

1. If K61001 are stored under room temperature for several days, will its function be affected?

K61001 can be kept at room temperature for several days during shipping. But please keep under 4°C upon receiving and for long term storage.

2. What is the difference between K61001 and AMPure XP, can it replace AMPure XP?

There are two versions of the K61001 products:

  1. K61001-Easy performs the same as AMPure to cover primarily in the 100~500 bp DNA sizing range; yes, it can replace AMPure XP completely under such condition.
  2. K61001-Extend is NVIGEN’s special product which primarily covers longer bp DNA sizing ranged from 500~3000 bp. For such longer bp DNA sizing, K61001-extend enables higher yield, cleaner sizing and better assay consistency.

3. How magnetic beads capture DNA selectively?

By adjusting the molecular interactions between beads surfaces and DNA molecules in a specifically designed buffer system that correlates with the ratio of beads solution to DNA sample volumes, DNA with different sizes can selectively form complexes with magnetic bead surfaces for magnetic capture. In general, lower ratios of bead solution vs. DNA sample volumes allow longer DNA size fragments to be selected.

By adjusting the ratios, DNA fragments with different size cutoff can be captured. For example, using Fisher Science 100-1000 bp ladder as DNA testing sample, when the ratio of NVIGEN K61001 bead solution vs. DNA sample volume is adjusted from 1.4 to 0.6, DNA fragments with size cutoff of 200 bp or the size ranges of 200 bp to 1000 bp, and size cutoff of 500 bp or the size range of 500 bp to 1000 bp will be selectively captured, respectively.

4. What is the average size of NVIGEN K61001 beads?

Average size of NVIGEN K61001 is about 800 nm.

5. Can NVIGEN K61001 beads be used for ssDNA purification?

Yes, NVIGEN K61001 beads can be used for single strand DNA extraction and purification.

6. How to avoid beads aggregation in NGS library preparation size selection or PCR cleanup?

  1. When take out the beads solution bottle from 4 degree C storage, let it stand at room temperature for 5~20 minutes (depending on the size of the bottle), then vortexing for one or two times before use.
  2. During mixing or washing steps, pipetting the solution 5 or 10 times or vortexing briefly.
  3. During drying stage, make sure that the beads are not over-dried.

7. Are magnetic beads compatible with centrifugation?

Pressure from centrifugation should theoretically not be a problem for the beads themselves, however, magnetic beads being magnetic in nature can be easily separated using a magnet, hence no need for high speed centrifugation for most applications.

8. What is the binding capacity of magnetic beads as in the NVIGEN K61001 product?

For one microliter of beads, at least 22 – 500 ng DNA can be captured. Hence for general DNA capture or size selection and cleanup experiment, it is not the DNA binding capacity, but the minimal quantity of beads that can be easily handled with pipetting and magnetic separation, and the total sample volume for example ul vs. ml that defines the quantity of beads solution to be used.

9 .Can magnetic beads be boiled?

We do not recommend this because heating may change the beads integrity, however, short heating time up a few minutes up to 60~70 degree, should be OK depending on downstream assay requirements.

10. MSDS document

MSDS documents of NIVGEN products are available upon request.

11. What kind of solutions are compatible for DNA elution from magnetic beads at the final step of K61001 protocol process.

  1. TE solution containing 10 mM Tris solution and 1 mM EDTA
  2. Tris 1x solution.

12. What is the specific application for K61001-500 focus?

K61001-500 focus is applied if higher yield and more precise selection of DNA sizes centered around 500 bp is needed. This product was developed out of specific customer request.

13. What is the product or process for selecting (a) 200~500 bp, (b) 500-800 bp, (c) 500~2000 bp DNA fragments?

  1. For 200-500 bp DNA sizing, K61001-Easy is recommended.
  2. For 500-800 bp DNA sizing, K61001-500 focus is recommended.
  3. For 500-2000 bp DNA sizing, K61001-Extend is recommended.

14. Compared with many other DNA sizing and purification products on the market, what are the reasons to choose NVIGEN DNA sizing product?

  1. Price and performance advantages over market leaders have been demonstrated in our wide customer bases in US and around the Globe.
  2. To facilitate various DNA cleanup, purification and size selection applications from our customers, NVIGEN has developed a more complete set of DNA sizing products to cover a wider range of DNA sizing and cleanup needs for many downstream applications, such as NGS, PCR and gene editing. These DNA size selection and cleanup products include: (a) K61001-Easy, (b) K61001-Extend, (c) K61001-500 bp focus.
  3. NVIGEN supports customized assay development activities for many specific requests in DNA size selection and cleanup needs in NGS, PCR, and gene editing assay workflows.