MaxVigen™ for in vivo Molecular Imaging and Drug Delivery

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MaxVigen™ – 650 nm emission
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MaxVigen™ – 710 nm emission
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MaxVigen™ – SH surface groups, 650 nm emission 11003 $868 PayPal
MaxVigen™ – NH2 surface group, 650 nm emission 11004 $868 PayPal
MaxVigen™ – SH surface groups, 710 nm emission 11005 $868 PayPal
MaxVigen™ – NH2 surface groups, 710 nm emission 11006 $868 PayPal
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  1. Magnetic iodixanol – a novel contrast agent and its early characterization
  2. Fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles for magnetically enhanced cancer imaging and targeting in living subjects.


MaxVigen™ – Multifunctional fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles with superior fluorescent and MRI capability, and long blood circulating half-life.

MaxVigen fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles for in vivo imaging and mri

Tumor neovasculature imaged using MaxVigen™ NIR fluorescence.

Advantages of MaxVigen™ multifunctional nanoparticles:

  • Superior detection sensitivity through fluorescence and/or MRI
  • Highly enhanced permeability and retention effect
  • 35 Days of cancer region observation window, 600% increase compared to other commercial products.

Applications of MaxVigen™ multifunctional nanoparticless:

  • Vasculature/cancer/inflammation imaging
  • Cancer, molecular imaging and drug targeting
  • Multimodality fluorescence and magnetic resonance imaging
  • Combined molecular imaging and drug delivery
  • In vitro and in vivo imaging of molecular interactions
  • MRI, correlated fluorescence and MRI

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