NERNST-Seq™: Nanoparticle Enhanced RNA Spatial & Temporal Sequencing

The NVIGEN NERNST-Seq™ assay provides a highly sensitive RNA sequencing sample preparation workflow. The workflow is enabled by our highly sensitive magnetic nanoparticles that can capture RNA and DNA molecules in a high yield and high fidelity manner. The resulting RNAseq libraries provide high quality sequencing data such as high sequencing read quality, high mapping rate to human genome, and more useful data that are mapped to biotypes such as protein coding region and long non-coding RNA region. Ribozyme RNA are removed with negligible presence in the final RNA sequencing libraries.

NVIGEN makes NERNST-Seq™ easily accessible to any researchers through contract research projects. With our customized NERNST-Seq™ services, we provide custom design and development of chemical reagents and biochemical assays in RNA sequencing applications for our clients based on their needs and specifications.

As researchers today constantly pushing the boundaries of RNAseq, and limitations in sample preparation presenting one of the biggest challenges, NVIGEN NERNST-Seq™ RNA sequencing assay is transforming the way researchers approach gene expression analysis. Powered by our proprietary magnetic nanoparticle technology, NERNST-Seq™ delivers unparalleled sensitivity, accuracy, and insights-even from ultra-low input samples.

The challenges that can be addressed by NERNST-Seq™:

  • Low RNA samples? No problem: NERNST-Seq utilizes NVIGEN proprietary magnetic nanoparticles to capture precious RNA molecules with exceptional efficiency, even from limited samples as low as 50 fg.
  • Data accuracy is key: Our high-fidelity capture with NERNST-Seq technology minimizes biases, ensuring your RNAseq data accurately reflects the biological reality.
  • Get more from Your data: NERNST-Seq™ libraries generate high-quality sequencing data with superior read quality and mapping rates to the human genome, enabling you to gain deeper insights with more comprehensive view of the transcriptome.
  • Silence the noise: NERNST-Seq™ efficiently removes ribozyme RNA, a common source of interference that can skew your results.
  • Accelerate your research timelines: streamlined, high-yield workflows maximize your productivity and minimize wasted resources.

In summary, our NERNST-Seq™ assay technology presents the advantages that can help researchers to uncover hidden biological insights to gain a more comprehensive picture of RNA expression with accurate and detailed data. In addition, NERNST-Seq™ maximizes the value of precious samples by performing RNA sequencing (RNAseq) on limited samples with confidence. Our high-fidelity capture and efficient workflows minimize wasted resources and efforts to maximize value from precious samples. With NERNST-Seq™, you gain the confidence you need to move forward with your research, with ensured data accuracy and reproducibility.

Don’t let limitations in sample preparation hold back your RNA sequencing research any longer. Leverage the power of NERNST-Seq™ to transcend boundaries. Contact us today for a free consultation and learn how NVIGEN NERNST-Seq™ can help you achieve your research goals. We also offer special pricing packages for customized NERNST-Seq™ services for new users.

NVIGEN NERNST-Seq: Nanoparticle Enhanced RNA Spatial & Temporal Sequencing

Figure 1. NVIGEN magnetic nanoparticle capture of single cell RNA samples provided higher RNAseq library yield and better quality of sequencing data, with majority of sequencing reads aligned to protein coding region.

NERNST-Seq™ works with minuscule quantity of RNA samples, for example, sub-single cell RNA content that is composed of only 1-5% of single cell RNA material. RNA samples from as low as 50 fg to 100 ng level have been successfully applied to provide high quality RNA sequencing libraries with the NERNST-Seq™ Assay.

NERNST-Seq™ Assay Workflow includes multiple steps that are also assembled into individual reagent kits for customers that are performing the RNAseq sample preparation in their own lab. Below is a table listing these reagent kits. The customized NERNST-Seq™ services are listed at the end of table. Contact us for a free consultation about your specific needs in the design and development of chemical reagents and biochemical assays in RNA sequencing applications.

Product Name Step and Function Products Catalog # Price Add to cart
NERNST-Seq™-Tissue Fixation Solution Tissue Fixation Solution onto Glass Slides for Imaging, Single Cell Analysis, and Intracellular Content Sampling. NR_TF001 $100.00/10ml
for 50 Fixations of Inch Size Tissue Slices
NERNST-Seq™-mRNA capture kit Capture mRNA from total RNA samples to prepare RNA sequencing library. NR81004 $999.28
for 2000 Reactions
MagVigen™ DNA cleanup and size selection kits DNA fragments cleanup and size selection in the RNA sequencing library preparation workflow during reverse transcription-cDNA Amplification-NGS library amplification process. K61001-Easy works for DNA selection size cutoff of 100 to 500 bp; K61001-Extend works for DNA selection size cutoff of larger than 500 bp. K61001-Easy
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NERNST-Seq™-Reverse Transcription Enhancer To improve the yield of reverse transcription and downstream RNA sequencing libraries. NR81005-RT Enhance Buffer $699.28
for 2000 Reactions
single cell RNA sequencing library preparation kit
The kit works with RNA quantity from as low as 50 fg to 100 ng level, suitable for single cell or small quantity of RNA sequencing library sample preparation. NR81005-scRNA lib kit $1828.28
for 96 Libraries
NERNST-Seq™-Customized Service Projects Complete solution of sample to sequencing result for single cell or minuscule quantity of RNA samples. We provide custom design and development of chemical reagents and biochemical assays in RNA sequencing applications based on our customer’s needs and specifications. NR8100X Contact us


  1. High throughput isolation of RNA from single-cells within an intact tissue for spatial and temporal sequencing a reality.

Example Experiment Data in NERNST-Seq™-Assay

NERNST-Seq™-mRNA Capture Kit

NERNST-Seq-mRNA Capture Kit
Figure 2. NERNST-Seq™-mRNA Capture Kit utilize a specially designed biotin-polyT-oligo and MagVigen™ magnetic nanoparticle-streptavidin conjugates. Compared to other on market magnetic beads-streptavidin conjugates, our MagVigen™ magnetic nanoparticle-streptavidin conjugates result in higher yield of RNA sequencing libraries.
NERNST 100pg RNA Sequencing Library
Figure 3. Bioanalyzer profile of individual RNA sequencing libraries prepared from 100 pg of breast tissue RNA with and without magnetic nanoparticle mRNA capture. The blue curve shows the RNA sequencing library prepared with the NERNST-Seq™ magnetic nanoparticle mRNA capture step. The red curve shows the RNA sequencing library without magnetic nanoparticle mRNA capture. The magnetic nanoparticle mRNA capture step significantly increased the RNA sequencing library yield. There are also quite a few peaks with DNA fragment sizes from 30-150 bp range depicting the primers, adaptors and their dimers and multimers in the individual RNA sequencing libraries.
Clean Pooled RNA Lib After MagVigen Easy DNA Sizing Magnetic Beads Clean up
Figure 4. Bioanalyzer profile shows clean pooled RNA sequencing library after individual RNA sequencing libraries were pooled together and cleaned up using MagVigen™ Easy DNA select magnetic nanoparticle with 1:1 ratio of RNA sequencing library vs. nanoparticle ratio. The primers, adaptors and their dimers and multimers are removed clean after the beads cleanup step. Such pooled and cleanuped RNA sequencing libraries were loaded onto a sequencer to generate RNAseq data.

High Quality Single Cell RNA Sequencing Data

NERNST RNA Library Sequencing Data Quality over 150bp Reads Length.jpg
Figure 5. NERNST-Seq™-assay provided RNA sequencing libraries from single cell or minuscule quantity of RNA samples with high NGS read quality. The Phred Score are mostly better than 30 over the 150 bp size range of the reads, for both read1 and read2. The figure shows the sequencing read quality of RNA sequencing libraries prepared with a variety of conditions with varied NERNST-Seq™-mRNA capture magnetic nanoparticle surface chemistry or capture buffer components, at either 33 pg or 100 pg RNA sample quantity.

NERNST-Seq™ High Quality RNAseq Data with Majority Reads Mapped to Protein Coding and LNC RNA Sequences

NERNST-Seq Data with Majority Reads Mapped to Protein Coding and LNC RNA Sequences
Figure 6. NERNST-Seq™-RNA sequencing assays provided high quality alignment rates of RNAseq data to more useful biotypes. Over 70% of RNAseq Data were aligned to protein coding sequences, followed by 10-20% aligned to long noncoding RNA (lncRNA) sequences and the rest of biotypes such as mitochondria or ribozyme RNA reads were negligible.

Top 50 Gene Counts from an RNA Sequencing Sample

Top 50 gene counts from an RNA sequencing sample with the NERNST-Seq
Figure 7. Example of the top 50 gene counts from an RNA sequencing sample with the NERNST-Seq™-assay. No mitochondria or ribosome RNAs showing up. These genes can provide better biological insights from single cell or other minuscule quantity of RNA sequencing experiments.