NVIGEN team has been engaged in rigorous research and development in fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles and their applications for more than 20 years. We have built a portfolio of 18 patents and applications. 10 granted.

Here are some of them.

  1. Fluorescent magnetic nanoprobes, methods of making and methods of use
  2. Abstract: Embodiments of the present disclosure provide for nanoprobes, methods of imaging, methods of imaging a target, methods of making nanoprobes, and the like.

  3. Low Density, Highly Porous Nano Structure
  4. Abstract: The present invention relates to nanostructures having low-density and porous coatings that surround or are associated with at least one core nanoparticles. The structures are capable of carrying or associating with at least one payload within or on the surface of the nanostructures so that the structures can be used in applications such as medical diagnosis or therapeutic treatment.

  5. Use of IDed nanostructures in nucleic acid technology
  6. Abstract: The present invention relates to compositions comprising a porous nanostructure of a known characteristics and a fragment of nucleic acid having a known sequence. Methods of use of the compositions were also provided, for example in DNA amplification, detection, and DNA sequencing.

  7. Magnetic Nanocompositions for highly sensitive molecular and cellular enrichment, purification and detection
  8. Abstract: The present invention relates to a nanocomposition capable of capturing or enriching an analyte at a sub-nanogram level and methods thereof. The nanocomposition can comprise a nanostructure operably linked to an analyte-capturing member.

  9. Multifunctional nanoparticles for molecular and cellular separation, detection and quantification
  10. Abstract: The present disclosure provides compositions and methods useful for molecular and cellular separation, detection and quantification. The compositions provided herein comprise a nanostructure having magnetic property operably linked to an analyte-binding member.

  11. Magnetic rack
  12. Abstract: A magnetic rack includes a bottom plate; a top plate mounted onto the bottom plate, the top plate having therein a first plurality of tube holes for retaining one or more tubes, each tube hole having an opening and a supporting wall extending from the opening between the top plate and the bottom plate; and a second plurality of magnetic assemblies distributed between at least a portion of the first plurality of tube holes, each magnetic assembly being configured to produce a magnetic field in one or more tube holes adjacent thereto.