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DNA Sizing

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K61001 Easy MagVigen™ DNA size selection kit PDF
K61001 Extend MagVigen™ DNA long bp size selection kit (500-3000bp) PDF

cfDNA Extraction

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K61003 MagVigen™ cfDNA extraction nanobeads/kit PDF

Sequence Specific DNA Capture

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61002 MagVigen™ sequence specific DNA capture with Streptavidin nanobeads & kit PDF
61004 MagVigen™ mRNA select nanobeads & kit PDF
61006 MagVigen™ DNA probe nanobeads/kit PDF

Download the technical information for >MagVigen™ – Streptavidin nanoparticles. MagVigen™ – Streptavidin can be used as a simple and efficient method for gentle cell separation.

DNA/RNA Extraction from FFPE

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K61007 MagVigen™ FFPE DNA Extraction Kit PDF
K61009 MagVigen™ Saliva DNA Extraction Kit PDF
K61010 MagVigen™ Whole Blood, PBMC or Cell Genomic DNA Extraction Kit PDF

Co-Immunoprecipitation & Protein Binding

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21003 MagVigen™ Protein A conjugates nanobeads/kit PDF
21004 MagVigen™ Protein G conjugates nanobeads/kit PDF
21005P MagVigen™ Protein capture nanobeads/kit PDF
21006 MagVigen™ anti-rabbit IgG nanobeads/kit PDF
21007 MagVigen™ anti-mouse IgG nanobeads/kit PDF
21009 MagVigen™ Protein A/G nanobeads/kit PDF
KE7101 MagVigen™ PD-L1 On-Bead ELISA Kit PDF
KE7102 MagVigen™ HER2 On-Bead ELISA Kit PDF
KE7103 MagVigen™ EGFR On-Bead ELISA Kit PDF
KE7104 MagVigen™ CEA On-Bead ELISA Kit PDF
KE7105 MagVigen™ VEGF On-Bead ELISA Kit PDF
KE7106 MagVigen™ TNF-α On-Bead ELISA Kit PDF

Download the technical information for MagVigen™ – Protein A/G nanoparticles. MagVigen™ – Protein A/G can be used for molecular purification, immunoprecipitation, and new biomarker or protein interaction identification.

Cell Separation & Detection

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21005C MagVigen™ Streptavidin Cell Separation nanobeads/kit PDF
51001 MagVigen™ anti EpCam Human nanobeads/kit PDF
51002 MagVigen™ anti CD45 Human nanobeads/kit PDF
51003 MagVigen™ anti CD4 Human nanobeads/kit PDF
51004 MagVigen™ anti CD8a Human nanobeads/kit PDF
51005 MagVigen™ anti CD19 Human nanobeads/kit PDF
51006 MagVigen™ anti CD20 Human nanobeads/kit PDF
51010 MagVigen™ anti PD L1 Human nanobeads/kit PDF
51011 MagVigen™ anti HER2 Human nanobeads/kit PDF
51012 MagVigen™ anti EGFR Human nanobeads/kit PDF
41001 MyQuVigen™ SH surface nanobeads/kit PDF
41002 MyQuVigen™ NH2 surface nanobeads/kit PDF
41003 MyQuVigen™ Protein A nanobeads/kit Contact Us
41004 MyQuVigen™ Protein G nanobeads/kit Contact Us
41005 MyQuVigen™ Streptavidin nanobeads/kit PDF
41006 MyQuVigen™ anti-rabbit IgG nanobeads/kit PDF
41007 MyQuVigen™ anti-mouse IgG nanobeads/kit PDF

General Binding and Purification

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21001 MagVigen™ NH2 surface nanobeads/kit PDF
21002 MagVigen™ SH surface nanobeads/kit PDF
51007 MagVigen™ anti-flag mouse nanobeads/kit PDF
51008 MagVigen™ anti-c Myc mouse kit PDF
51009 MagVigen™ anti-his tag mouse nanobeads/kit PDF

Download the technical information for MagVigen™ – SH/-NH2 nanoparticles. MagVigen™ – SH/-NH2 offers the flexibility to functionalize magnetic nanoparticles for specific applications.


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11001 MaxVigen™ 650 nm emission nanobeads/kit PDF
11002 MaxVigen™ 710 nm emission nanobeads/kit PDF