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molecularly engineered fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles

NVIGEN offers customizable nanoparticle services and prepackaged nanoparticle reagents for research and industry needs. Our bioentity-conjugated nanoparticles, with magnetic and optical properties, provide efficient performance for co-immunoprecipitation, molecular and cell separation, targeted delivery and imaging. Our IP holds tremendous potential for high-sensitivity, high-throughput platforms and partnerships alike.

Our innovative world’s state-of-the-art molecularly engineered nanoparticles, MagVigen™ and MyQuVigen™, offers a unique combination of fluorescent and magnetic nanobeads providing high magnetic moment and bright stable fluorescence, ideal for controllable magnetic manipulation with extensive, multiplexed fluorescence imaging.

Our proprietary nanoparticle-imaging-delivery (NID™) technology is a hybrid platform comprised of an intrinsically signal-generating component (i.e. fluorescence and MRI) and a versatile conjugation component that can piggyback payloads for high capacity purification, sensitive and multiplexed imaging and detection, and targeted drug delivery. The NID™ platform is suitable for in vitro and in vivo manipulation. In addition, the modularity of our NID™ platform can be readily integrated into fluidic and therapeutic systems.

Customized nanoparticle design and synthesis

customized nanoparticle design and synthesis services

  • Tailor nanoparticle size, surface and functionality
  • Optimize magnetic, fluorescent, metallic or a combination of properties
  • Improve in vitro diagnostic or in vivo imaging and therapeutic studies

Drug targeting and delivery

customized Drug targeting and delivery services

  • Optimize drug pharmacokinetics
  • Enhance cancer drug targeting, efficacy and reduce side effects
  • Overcome drug number limitation of antibody drug conjugates

Molecular (DNA/RNA/Protein) and cellular purification and detection assay

customized molecular and cellular purification services

  • DNA or RNA purification
    – Sequencing & detection
  • Antibody or other protein purification
    – Characterization
    – Drug screenings
  • Stem cell, CTC or other cell labeling, purification and phenotyping

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