The Art In Sciences Competition – Winning Submissions

Thank you for your interests and support. Here is our winning submissions. Please give the students a big round of applause for their imagination and creation.

Science in Bloom

Science in Bloom by Nicole Lai

Nicole Lai, Class 2025, BASIS Independent Silicon Valley

Science has always fascinated me with how it can improve and even create life. Thus, with how science has inspired me in the past, I decided to base this artwork on the concept of science being directly connected to such life, as shown through the scientist and the DNA against the backdrop of a blooming flower.

Helping Hand

Helping Hand by Kathleen Li

Kathleen Li, Class 2025, BASIS Independent Silicon Valley

In times of hardship, such as now, our lives need to conform to policies and laws to help keep us safe. Biotechnology plays a prodigious role in aiding first responders as well as the victims of disease directly. New advancements in science and technology not only have helped with covid relief, but also it has made the lives of average people easier. We are able to test our DNA and other parameters by ourselves and determine fast results which can be the difference between surgery or not. It is a product used globally, connecting millions of people from different ethnicities and countries to share access to biotechnology.

Biotech: Heroes

Biotech: Heroes by David Qi

David Qi, Class 2026, Lynbrook High School, Mentor: Yun Hua Fang Art Studio

In my piece, I conveyed a simplified, symbolic representation of how biotechnology helps us. I represent biotechnology through commonly known imagery, i. e. medicine pills with circuits inside. Even though I could’ve used more accurate representations of biotechnology, such as DNA cloning, I chose to use these symbols to make it easier to understand. These pills are all rushing towards the center, coming to eradicate the viruses there. I also utilized color to further make the idea clear. For example, whereas the pills that represent biotechnology and the background are both predominantly blue with hints of other colors, the viruses are a contrasting orange and red, making the contrast very clear.